Tax Controversy Header

Evans, Jones & Reynolds represents clients in tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Tennessee at all stages of the administrative process and at every judicial level.  The firm aims to resolve matters at the earliest levels to spare clients the cost and uncertainty associated with formal tax litigation.   For disputes that may not be resolved consensually, the firm provides quality service by combining extensive tax knowledge with skilled advocacy.  Each year the firm successfully represents clients in property tax valuation appeals for various commercial properties, and in particular, for large multi-tenant properties.    The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience resolving federal income and estate and gift tax controversies.  The firm represents clients throughout the administrative process, from audit through administrative appeal and post–appeal, at mediation, and at every judicial level.

The firm’s lawyers appreciate that the best resolution to tax controversies often results from skilled legal representation before a court is involved. The firm’s attorneys assist clients with audits; in answering information and document requests; in dealing with the government’s agents; and in formulating audit strategy.

Administrative Appeals
The firm has handled many cases in the IRS Appeals Office and has substantial experience negotiating with IRS Appeals officers and representing taxpayers in that venue.

Although many of controversies settle prior to litigation, the firm’s philosophy is that the best settlements are achieved when the government appreciates that the taxpayer’s attorneys are prepared to litigate if need be.